Archive: 12/6/2004

Trend Micro Offers New Mobile Security

Trend Micro, Inc., a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced the availability of Trend Micro Mobile Security, providing antivirus and anti-spam protection for SMS messaging ...

Dec 06, 2004
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Encryption, data hiding and watermarking

Terrorists might use it to mask their messages: it's called data hiding - the subject of a new book by Ali Akansu, PhD, professor of electrical and computer engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Akansu's boo ...

Dec 06, 2004
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Siemens Limited Edition SL65 ESCADA

The Siemens Limited Edition SL65 ESCADA is most likely the technologically most advanced fashion accessory around. This masterpiece in form and function is the result of an inspired team effort by the trendsetting ...

Dec 06, 2004
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MIT, Columbia begin new energy experiment

Half-ton levitating ring is key to work MIT and Columbia University students and researchers have begun operation of a novel experiment that confines high-temperature ionized gas, called plasma, using the strong magnetic fields f ...

Dec 06, 2004
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Mathematical Theory For Ideal Shape in Nature

No matter whether they're big, little, long, short, skinny or fat -- classic stalactites have the same singular shape. Almost everyone knows that stalactites, formations that hang from the roof of caves, are ...

Dec 06, 2004
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Accelerator Physics to Treat Cancer

Northern Illinois University today announced plans to revive a unique and proven cancer treatment that blends advanced medical science with accelerator physics developed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a Department ...

Dec 06, 2004
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Innovative take-off system could lead to safer, cleaner air travel

A new approach to aircraft scheduling that uses computer models could allow a safe increase in airport throughput and reduce pollution. The system under development would, for the first time, provide runway controllers with advice, based on s ...

Dec 06, 2004
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IBM Unveils World's Smallest SRAM Memory Cell

IBM today announced it has built a critical component for a high-speed computer memory that is about ten times smaller than those currently available, potentially enabling a major system performance boost for critical business ...

Dec 06, 2004
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IBM Demonstrates Technique for Extending Chip Performance

IBM today announced it has demonstrated a technique that triples the performance of a standard transistor used in semiconductors by a process that is compatible with conventional CMOS technology, a major step toward achieving ...

Dec 06, 2004
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UV Nanoimprint

The german WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) has reported in its science magazin Q21 about the fabrication of nano sized structures by UV Nanoimprint. The technology is decriped on the example of a miniaturized page o ...

Dec 06, 2004
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