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Ig Nobel 2006 Prize in mathematics

The 2006 Ig Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to Dr Piers Barnes and Ms Nic Svenson of CSIRO for figuring out how many photographs to take of a group of people to be confident of getting at least one where no-one’s ...

dateOct 06, 2006 in Mathematics
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Worms under stress

Species respond far more dynamically to disturbances in their environment than we think. This is the conclusion of Dutch researcher Olga Alda Alvarez following her research into the stress response of nematodes, tiny worms ...

dateOct 06, 2006 in
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Cluster muscles back from deep hibernation

On 15 September, flight controllers at ESA's Space Operations Centre watched tensely as 'Rumba', No. 1 in the four-spacecraft Cluster fleet, was switched into a low-power, deep hibernation mode. The aim was to survive a challenging ...

dateOct 06, 2006 in Space Exploration
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CU Team to Build a Self-Driving Car for City Streets

Last year, the goal was to build a vehicle that could drive itself, without human intervention, across 132 miles of desert with unpaved roads, ditches, berms, sandy ground, standing water, rocks and boulders, narrow underpasses, ...

dateOct 06, 2006 in Robotics
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