Archive: 10/6/2005

Countdown to satellite launch

The first satellite to accurately measure how fast the Earth's polar ice caps are shrinking will be launched this weekend (on Saturday, October 8) and one of the lead researchers is from the University of Aberdeen.

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From a sheet of ice to a hailstorm

Diamond-like carbon films have a low coefficient of friction because they are extraordinarily smooth. This is why they are applied to almost all PC hard disks and many machine parts. A scientific paper explains conclusively ...

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Television on the go

Television via cell phone or PDA is an emerging market. At the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, Fraunhofer researchers demonstrated how digital films can be transmitted to portable devices in good quality. The secret: ...

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Australia's ancient oceans: toxic and purple

Ancient oceans in Australia’s north were toxic seas of sulfur, supporting coloured bacteria that made the seas appear purple and unlike anything we know of in the Earth’s history, according to new ANU research.

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Developing 'broadband for all'

Increasing the spread of broadband connectivity throughout Europe is central to the growth of the knowledge economy. Yet broadband technology is hardly new. So what is holding back wider implementation and investment? This ...

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Robotic fish in action at London Aquarium

There may be a different fish to see for every day of the year at the London Aquarium at County Hall, but there’s a new variety that has never swum any of the world’s oceans. From 6 October the Aquarium’s ...

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