Archive: 10/6/2004

Advanced AIBO Robot from Sony: A Lot More!

Replace MP3 players and PDAs with AIBO. With the advanced new AIBO MIND 2 software, AIBO gains the ability to record moving pictures through wireless connectivity, recognise patterns, voices and faces, obey ...

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NASA Investigates Problems With Spirit

Engineers on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover team are investigating possible causes and remedies for a problem affecting the steering on Spirit. The relay for steering actuators on Spirit's right-front and lef ...

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Initiating the Surround Sound Era for Digital Radio

Telos/Omnia and Fraunhofer IIS announce the first public demonstration of their new surround system for HD Radio™ at the NAB Radio Show in San Diego, October 6-8. At NAB Radio Show, Telos/Omnia and Fraunhofer IIS present ...

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