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Ocean life under threat from climate change

The international science community must devote more resources to research into the effects climate change is having on ocean environments, according to a paper published today in the journal Science by res ...

dateJun 06, 2008 in Environment
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Measuring the Footprint of Cells

Even the slightest differences are important in competitive sport: To improve a ski jumper's performance, the trainer can analyze the jump very accurately using force sensors. Researchers in Jena and Bremen ...

dateJun 06, 2008 in Engineering
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Crystal clear savings for drug giants

Drug companies could save millions thanks to a new technology to monitor crystals as they form. The technique, developed by University of Leeds engineers, is a potentially invaluable tool in drug manufacture, ...

dateJun 06, 2008 in
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Helicopters with Fuel Cells

The old saying that "there is strength in numbers" also applies to fuel cells. To deliver a high enough power output, a number of cells have to be connected in series. Manufacturers normally stack the fuel ...

dateJun 06, 2008 in Engineering
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