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Ocean life under threat from climate change

The international science community must devote more resources to research into the effects climate change is having on ocean environments, according to a paper published today in the journal Science by res ...

Jun 06, 2008
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Measuring the Footprint of Cells

Even the slightest differences are important in competitive sport: To improve a ski jumper's performance, the trainer can analyze the jump very accurately using force sensors. Researchers in Jena and Bremen ...

Jun 06, 2008
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Brain stem cells can be awakened, say scientists

Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute have identified specific molecules in the brain that are responsible for awakening and putting to sleep brain stem cells, which, when activated, can transform into neurons (nerve ...

Jun 06, 2008
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Researchers Design Band-Aid-Size Tactile Display

Currently, we get most of our information from computers through visual and audio features. But as researchers from Korea point out, the most widespread sense on the human body is touch. While some tactile ...

Jun 06, 2008 feature
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Crystal clear savings for drug giants

Drug companies could save millions thanks to a new technology to monitor crystals as they form. The technique, developed by University of Leeds engineers, is a potentially invaluable tool in drug manufacture, ...

Jun 06, 2008
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Helicopters with Fuel Cells

The old saying that "there is strength in numbers" also applies to fuel cells. To deliver a high enough power output, a number of cells have to be connected in series. Manufacturers normally stack the fuel ...

Jun 06, 2008
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