Archive: 04/6/2010

Mouth breathing can cause major health problems

For some, the phrase "spring is in the air" is quite literal. When the winter snow melts and flowers bloom, pollen and other materials can wreak havoc on those suffering from seasonal allergies, usually causing a habit called ...

Apr 06, 2010
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The skinny on brown fat

Last year, researchers made a game-changing realization: brown fat, the energy-burning stuff that keeps babies warm, isn't just for the youngest among us. Adults have it, too (if they are lucky, anyway), and it is beginning ...

Apr 06, 2010
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In down economy, older moms' births still up in US

(AP) -- U.S. births fell in 2008, probably because of the recession, updated government figures confirm. The one exception to the trend was the birth rate among women in their 40s, who perhaps felt they didn't have the luxury ...

Apr 06, 2010
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