Archive: 03/6/2009

Medical imaging benefits far outweigh radiation risks

In response to a recent report by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement (NCRP) stating that the U.S. population is exposed to seven times more radiation from medical imaging exams than in 1980, SNM ...

dateMar 06, 2009 in Health
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Brain tumors: New therapy surprisingly successful

The combination of two drugs produces a critical improvement in the treatment of certain brain tumours. This has been demonstrated by researchers at Bonn University working in co-operation with German and Swiss colleagues ...

dateMar 06, 2009 in Cancer
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Bristly Spheres as Capsules

( -- Amphiphilic molecules, which have one water-friendly (hydrophilic) end and one water-repellant (hydrophobic) end, spontaneously aggregate in aqueous solutions to make superstructures like ...

dateMar 06, 2009 in Polymers
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Einstein doctorate up for auction

The doctorate certificate that Albert Einstein obtained from the University of Zurich in 1906 will come up for auction in June, auctioneers Fischer Galerie said Friday.

dateMar 06, 2009 in General Physics
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