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All in Place for Space Shuttle Return To Flight

NASA marked a major milestone for the Space Shuttle's Return to Flight, as the redesigned External Tank rolled out today from the barge that carried it to the agency's Kennedy Space Center, Fla. The tank was taken to the ...

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Next-generation steel by magnetic field processing

New products made of stronger components that are lighter in weight, more energy efficient and have an extended use life may be possible through a technology that can alter the characteristics of steel and other materials.

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Projecting onto thin air

FogScreen is a futuristic innovation that creates a thin white screen of fog. The screen can be projected onto, touched, and even walked through – a sure-fire attention-getter for publicity or educational ...

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Governor Announces New $400 Million ASML and IBM

Governor George E. Pataki today, in his 11th Annual State of the State Message, announced that ASML Holding NV and IBM Corporation create a $400 million nanochip research and development at the Albany Center of Excellence ...

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Sony Offers 4GB High Speed Memory Stick

Sony is doubling the capacity of its flash media product line with the introduction of 4GB Memory Stick PRO (High Speed) media. The new 4GB media is expected to become a valuable tool for users who need to store and easily ...

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