Archive: 12/5/2006

Measuring awareness is not as simple as a single number

Science fiction describes the crucial difference between a robot and a person as sense of self. But for Rockefeller University’s George Reeke, computers — self or no self — do not yet begin to capture the complexity ...

Dec 05, 2006
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Nano-implant measures tumor growth, treatment

A tiny implant now being developed at MIT could one day help doctors rapidly monitor the growth of tumors and the progress of chemotherapy in cancer patients. The implant contains nanoparticles that can be ...

Dec 05, 2006
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New research sheds light on stroke development

A new study examines the usefulness of diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), a process of scanning and mapping the brain, in establishing the relationship between abnormalities in the cardiovascular system and stroke. This research ...

Dec 05, 2006
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Consumers neutral on risks, benefits of nano

The largest and most comprehensive survey of public perceptions of nanotechnology products finds that U.S. consumers are willing to use specific nano-containing products – even if there are health and safety risks – when ...

Dec 05, 2006
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Explore planet Earth in near-real time

Have you ever wanted to track natural events in progress, such as fires, floods and volcanic eruptions, or simply explore the planet through the eyes of a satellite? ESA has created a website, MIRAVI, which ...

Dec 05, 2006
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Silica particle sparks life in protein

Tiny formless particles in water solution take on a well-ordered and functional structure as soon as they come into contact with nanoparticles of silica. A unique breakthrough by researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden ...

Dec 05, 2006
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Early HIV treatment fails to restore memory T cells

Most of the body’s memory T cells vanish within weeks after a person is infected with the HIV virus. In a study from the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and the Bernard-Nocht Institute appearing in the international ...

Dec 05, 2006
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