Archive: 5/11/2008

Reducing epic proportions

Hospitals are supposed to be havens for healing, but the numbers tell a different story. Too many people are infected by illnesses they acquire after they've been admitted, and hospital-related infections continue to be the ...

dateNov 05, 2008 in Other
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Weight fixation sends unhealthy messages

Making assumptions of health based on a person’s weight is faulty, and misinformation is putting people’s physical and emotional well-being at risk, says College of Education researcher and lecturer in human development ...

dateNov 05, 2008 in Health
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Preventing traffic accidents before they happen?

( -- A new automotive safety systems built by European researchers will alert drivers to potential hazards by using information from the car, other road users and the roadside infrastructure to predict and prevent ...

dateNov 05, 2008 in Engineering
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Cancer patient genome sequenced for the first time

For the first time, scientists have decoded the complete DNA of a cancer patient and traced her disease - acute myelogenous leukemia - to its genetic roots. A large research team at the Genome Sequencing Center and the Siteman ...

dateNov 05, 2008 in Cancer
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