Archive: 08/5/2009

Novartis starts testing swine flu vaccine

(AP) -- Swiss drugmaker Novartis has begun injecting its swine flu vaccine into people in the company's first human tests, a spokesman said Wednesday. The vaccine is being tested in a yearlong trial of 6,000 ...

Aug 05, 2009
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Perceiving touch and your self outside of your body

When you feel you are being touched, usually someone or something is physically touching you and you perceive that your "self" is located in the same place as your body. In new research published in the open-access, peer-reviewed ...

Aug 05, 2009
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Microsoft to hire at least 400 Yahoo workers

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. will hire at least 400 workers from Yahoo Inc. if government regulators approve the companies' proposed Internet search partnership, and Yahoo will receive $150 million to cover any unexpected costs ...

Aug 05, 2009
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