Archive: 07/5/2006

A Surprise about Our Body Clock

The first gene known to control the internal clock of humans and other mammals works much differently than previously believed, according to a study by Utah and Michigan researchers.

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Nothing but first-class seats at the movies

Invisible, but audible, is the latest attraction at the Bavaria Film Studios near Munich. The "4D cinema experience" is the second movie theater in Germany to have departed from conventional multi-channel sound. ...

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Tech File: HD Radio

Most radio listeners can't turn on the radio these days without hearing a commercial about this new finagled thing called HD Radio. While the commercials may peak curiosity, they don't tell much about what HD Radio is, so ...

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D.C. aims to go wireless citywide

The spread of wireless access throughout the entire D.C. metro area is under way. The nation's capital has always had the infrastructure for this sort of project but hasn't taken advantage of the capabilities, according to ...

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