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Earth lightens up

After 30 years of dimming, the planet's surface is brightening, an international collaboration concludes this week in Science magazine Earth's surface has been getting brighter for more than a decade, a reversal from a dim ...

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Cancer exploits the body's wound-healing process

Scientists have known for the last decade that a link exists between wound healing and cancer. For instance, in a 1994 experiment at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, chickens infected with a cancer virus developed ...

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Sharpest ever global Earth map

The most detailed portrait ever of the Earth's land surface is being created with ESA's Envisat environmental satellite. The GLOBCOVER project aims at producing a global land cover map to a resolution three ...

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TI Introduces Digital Media Processor

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announces that it is working with Microsoft on future versions of the Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center Software Kit, enabling manufacturers to develop Portable Media Centers with TI hardware. ...

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Physicists detect the undetectable: 'baby' solitary waves

When University at Buffalo theorist Surajit Sen published his prediction that solitary waves, tight bundles of energy that travel without dispersing, could break into smaller, "baby" or secondary solitary waves, experts in ...

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