Archive: 04/5/2006

World Bank: Competition key to IT growth

Poorer countries still fall short when it comes to making full use of various available information technologies, according to a World Bank study.

Apr 05, 2006
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Bird flu claims another human life

The World Health Organization said Wednesday Indonesia has confirmed a 20-month-old Indonesian girl has died of the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

Apr 05, 2006
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Marine bacteria are cutting cooling gas emissions

Marine bacteria are reducing the amount of an important climate cooling gas given off from our seas and studies on enzymes from a model bacterium could help to understand this important process, say scientists today (Wednesday ...

Apr 05, 2006
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Mercury's formation impact splattered Earth with material

New computer simulations of Mercury’s formation show the fate of material blasted out into space when a large proto-planet collided with a giant asteroid 4.5 billion years ago. The simulations, which track ...

Apr 05, 2006
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Oh, what a feeling - dancing on the ceiling!

Ever wondered how flies are able to walk on the ceiling without falling off? Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart (Germany) are investigating this James Bond-style ability of insects to hang ...

Apr 05, 2006
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Fish on acid: Hagfish cope with high levels of CO2

The Pacific Hagfish is a strange animal: it feeds by gnawing its way into a carcass and staying inside to feed for up to 3 days. Scientists at the University of British Columbia (Canada) believe the Hagfish’s gruesome method ...

Apr 05, 2006
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Scientists search for dark galaxies through the AGES

First results from the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES) suggest the discovery of a new dark galaxy. The AGES survey, which started in January 2006, is the most sensitive, large-scale survey of neutral hydrogen to ...

Apr 05, 2006
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The Web: An iPod for your car

Would you like some digital music downloaded directly to your dashboard -- not just your desktop? That may be the next phase of mobile music, as automotive aftermarket suppliers and computer and consumer electronics companies ...

Apr 05, 2006
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13-foot dinosaur raptor bones unveiled

Five years after their discovery, the bones of a 7-foot-tall, 13-foot long new raptor dinosaur have been unveiled at the University of Utah.

Apr 05, 2006
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Magnetic Moondust

Thirty-plus years ago on the moon, Apollo astronauts made an important discovery: Moondust can be a major nuisance. The fine powdery grit was everywhere and had a curious way of getting into things. Moondust ...

Apr 05, 2006
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Avian flu outbreak affecting feline world

Albert Osterhaus and colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, warn the role cats play in spreading bird flu is being ignored.

Apr 05, 2006
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