Archive: 02/5/2007

Scientists find why conductance of nanowires vary

A Georgia Tech physics group has discovered how and why the electrical conductance of metal nanowires changes as their length varies. In a collaborative investigation performed by an experimental team and ...

Feb 05, 2007
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A test for new physics, including string theory

Detractors of string theory have been deriding it for years, claiming that there is no way to test it. However, with a paper published in Physical Review Letters titled “Falsifying Models of New Physics via WW Scatte ...

Feb 05, 2007 feature
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Navigable Nanotransport

To accurately transport pharmaceutical agents to their specific target organs or cell types, you need a good carrier: nanoscopic capsules with surface elements that can “recognize” the target in question could do the ...

Feb 05, 2007
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