Archive: 01/5/2011

Protective properties of green tea uncovered

Regularly drinking green tea could protect the brain against developing Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, according to latest research by scientists at Newcastle University.

dateJan 05, 2011 in Health
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Microsoft CEO takes CES stage amid tablet crush

(AP) -- One year ago, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at the tech industry's premier gadget show to showcase a Windows tablet computer to an audience that had yet to meet the iPad.

dateJan 05, 2011 in Business
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Better indoor air starts with minerals

One of the sources of emission for pollutants in living spaces are particleboards glued with adhesives that contain formaldehyde. There is a new method that will now provide another way to reduce these vapors. ...

dateJan 05, 2011 in Materials Science
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AT&T on track with new high-speed network in 2011

(AP) -- AT&T Inc. is on track to start rolling out its next-generation wireless technology in the second half of this year, as the company joined handset makers Wednesday to show off several smart phones that will take advantage ...

dateJan 05, 2011 in Telecom
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