Archive: 10/4/2010

Protecting embryos against microbes

Headed by the Kiel zoologist Professor Thomas Bosch, a team of scientists from Germany and Russia succeeded in deciphering the mechanisms, for the first time, with which embryos of the freshwater polyp Hydra ...

dateOct 04, 2010 in Cell & Microbiology
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Researchers study sleep apnea and lack of oxygen

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the average sleep apnea sufferer stops breathing and loses oxygen between five and 30 times a night. This lack of oxygen leads to a host of complications, including ...

dateOct 04, 2010 in Sleep apnea
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The sky is falling (less) onto Puget Sound

Most toxic pollution falling onto Puget Sound's waters has decreased – some by as much as 99 percent – below earlier estimates, according to a region-wide study. Despite the overall decline, the ...

dateOct 04, 2010 in Environment
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France launches warnings to web pirates

French Internet providers have begun sending email warnings to users caught illegally dowloading films and music under a new anti-piracy law, authorities said on Monday.

dateOct 04, 2010 in Internet
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