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New hybrid orchid created in Britain

The Hartslock Nature Reserve in Oxfordshire, England, has successfully interbred a monkey orchid and a lady orchid to produce a new hybrid variety.

Aug 04, 2006
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Meth Promotes Spread of Virus in HIV-Infected Users

Researchers at the University at Buffalo have presented the first evidence that the addictive drug methamphetamine, or meth, also commonly known as "speed" or "crystal," increases production of a docking protein that promotes ...

Aug 04, 2006
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California Wine: Complex and Smooth With Hints of Salmon

What does it take to make a fine California wine? Grapes, water, sunshine, the skilled hand of a master vintner -- and a few thousand dead fish. A few thousand dead chinook salmon, that is, according to new ...

Aug 04, 2006
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Submerging saves rare bottom-breathing turtles

The endangered Mary River Turtle has learned the perfect way to avoid being eaten — stay underwater. UQ PhD student Natalie Mathie, who has been studying Mary River hatchlings for the last two years, has ...

Aug 04, 2006
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Lunar X Games

According to folklore, every full Moon has a special name. The Snow Moon comes in February, the snowiest month of the year. The Thunder Moon comes in July, the month of summer lightning. There are Wolf Moons, ...

Aug 04, 2006
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SMART-1 towards final impact

SMART-1, the successful first European spacecraft to the Moon, is now about to end its exploration adventure, after almost sixteen months of lunar science investigations. SMART-1 was launched on 27 September ...

Aug 04, 2006
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Station Crew Completes Spacewalk

Space Station crewmen Jeff Williams and Thomas Reiter completed an almost 6.5-hour spacewalk Thursday that involved installing and replacing equipment and setting up scientific experiments outside the orbiting laboratory. ...

Aug 04, 2006
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