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2012 Venus transit - the countdown is on!

Head outside on any clear night this week and you won’t be able to miss brilliant Venus decorating the western horizon. Right now it’s surrounded by a host of bright winter stars like Capella, Betelgeuse, ...

dateMay 04, 2012 in Space Exploration
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A power hungry generation

Few generations have been as dependent on electricity as Gen Y, however new research has found the energy conservation message might not be getting through.

dateMay 04, 2012 in Energy & Green Tech
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Thermally stable solar cell materials

( -- European researchers have developed a simple thermodynamic method to predict whether a substance can resist the high temperatures normally involved in the production of thin films for photovoltaic devices. The ...

dateMay 04, 2012 in Nanomaterials
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Target: Drug-resistant bacteria

Over the past several decades, scientists have faced challenges in developing new antibiotics even as bacteria have become increasingly resistant to existing drugs. One strategy that might combat such resistance ...

dateMay 04, 2012 in Bio & Medicine
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Textbook rentals a growing trend in higher education

ntil recently, when it came to buying textbooks, there really were only two primary options for the nation’s college students: new or used, and used only sometimes. However, over the past few years, there has been a ...

dateMay 04, 2012 in Internet
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