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Controlling embryonic fate by association

Association determines fate in embryonic stem cells, said Baylor College of Medicine researchers in a report that appears in the current issue of the journal Nature Cell Biology.

May 04, 2008
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HTC Peaks-Leaks Intro of New Innovations

HTC has created a mystery for its announcement of next generation innovations in London on May 6th. Bloggers and Internet electronic gadget web sites have entered into the fray. Is it an Android supported ...

May 04, 2008 weblog
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Turning fungus into fuel

A spidery fungus with a voracious appetite for military uniforms and canvas tents could hold the key to improvements in the production of biofuels, a team of government, academic and industry researchers has ...

May 04, 2008
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Getting wise to the influenza virus' tricks

Influenza is currently a grave concern for governments and health organisations around the world. The worry is the potential for highly virulent bird flu strains, such as H5N1, to develop the ability to infect humans easily. ...

May 04, 2008
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Nixing immaturity in red blood cells

A process of self-digestion called autophagy prompts the maturation of red blood cells. Without a protein called Nix, the cells would not effectively rid themselves of organelles called mitochondria and consequently become ...

May 04, 2008
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Children more vulnerable to harmful effects of lead

Contrary to prevailing assumptions, children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of lead exposure at the age of 6 than they are in early childhood, according to a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center study ...

May 04, 2008
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Glowing sugars light up zebrafish

Using artificial sugar and some clever chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, researchers have made glow-in-the-dark fish whose internal light comes from the sugar coating on their cells.

May 04, 2008
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