Archive: 04/4/2007

Fascinating Spider Silk

Stronger than steel and more elastic than rubber: spider silk is unsurpassed in its expandability, resistance to tearing, and toughness. Spider silk would be an ideal material for a large variety of medical and technical ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Samsung Launches SpinPoint S166 HDD Series

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, today announced its new SpinPoint S166 Series of ultra silent and high-speed hard disk drives. The ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Five-legged frogs baffle British

Scientists in England are trying to determine why some frogs in a river in Peterborough have five legs, the first known occurrence in Britain.

Apr 04, 2007
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New organ donor law raise ethics concerns

A model law updating U.S. organ donation procedures that is being circulated among states is raising ethics concerns about dying patients' rights and wishes.

Apr 04, 2007
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Seats helped ancient greeks hear from back row

As the ancient Greeks were placing the last few stones on the magnificent theater at Epidaurus in the fourth century B.C., they couldn’t have known that they had unwittingly created a sophisticated acoustic ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Taking nature’s cue for cheaper solar power

Solar cell technology developed by the University’s Nanomaterials Research Centre will enable New Zealanders to generate electricity from sunlight at a 10th of the cost of current silicon-based photo-electric ...

Apr 04, 2007
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