Archive: 04/4/2006

UCSF study: ER myths exploded

A University of California-San Francisco study suggests, contrary to popular belief, emergency rooms treat insured and non-insured people equally.

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NTL acquires Virgin Mobile for $1.67B

Cable giant NTL Tuesday struck a deal to acquire Virgin Mobile, setting the stage for the delivery of its content to wireless phones in the United Kingdom.

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AOL improves mobile service

America Online announced Monday it will provide a mobile browsing service that will reformat Web sites to small screens of mobile phones.

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Lucent takes steps to ensure Alcatel deal

Alcatel and Lucent Technologies took their first step towards merging into one giant global telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which most likely will be a sound financial move but may face considerable opposition ...

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Jesus Walked on Ice, Study Says

The New Testament story describes Jesus walking on water in the Sea of Galilee but according to a study led by Florida State University Professor of Oceanography Doron Nof, it's more likely that he walked on ...

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Modelling virtual dogs: It's a walk in the park!

Dog walking is a national pastime, but how does your dog walk? Different breeds have different gaits, for example greyhounds tend to be thin and fast whilst labradors are thicker set and tend to waddle.

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