Archive: 03/4/2008

National Zoo scimitar-horned oryx going into the wild

A male scimitar-horned oryx from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Va., is playing an important role in ensuring the species does not vanish from the planet.

Mar 04, 2008
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Spring is Aurora Season

What are the signs of spring? They are as familiar as a blooming daffodil, a songbird at dawn, a surprising shaft of warmth from the afternoon sun. And, oh yes, don’t forget the aurora borealis. Spring is ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Biologists surprised to find parochial bacterial viruses

Biologists examining ecosystems similar to those that existed on Earth more than 3 billion years ago have made a surprising discovery: Viruses that infect bacteria are sometimes parochial and unrelated to ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Tuberculosis bacterium is double-protected

The first 3-D images that disclosure a double membrane surrounding mycobacteria were recorded by Martinsried scientists, ending a long scientific debate about the mycobacterial outer membrane and opening new ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Study shows cholesterol-lowering power of dietitian visits

Worried about your cholesterol? You may want to schedule a few appointments with a registered dietitian, to get some sound advice about how to shape up your eating habits, according to a new national study led by University ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Screening the herbal pharmacy

Curing cancer with natural products – a case for shamans and herb women? Not at all, for many chemotherapies to fight cancer applied in modern medicine are natural products or were developed on the basis of natural substances. ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Scientists find mercury threatens next generation of loons

A long-term study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the BioDiversity Research Institute, and other organizations has found and confirmed that environmental mercury—much of which comes from human-generated ...

Mar 04, 2008
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Researchers visualize complex pigment mixtures in living cells

In a technical advance that could allow researchers to watch cells as they act during the process of photosynthesis, scientists have developed a method that extends the power of fluorescence-mediated bio-imaging to see discrete ...

Mar 04, 2008
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