Archive: 4/02/2008

Tipping elements in the Earth's climate system

Anthropogenic forcing could push the Earth’s climate system past critical thresholds, so that important components may “tip” into qualitatively different modes of operation. In the renowned magazine Proceedings of the ...

dateFeb 04, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Neutron Stars Join the Black-Hole Jet Set

A team of astronomers has discovered a neutron star emitting an extended stream of powerful X rays, marking the first time such an extended X-ray jet has been detected originating from any class of object other than black ...

dateFeb 04, 2008 in Astronomy
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IDSA: 2009 Bush budget a disaster for HIV/AIDS

The President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2009, if enacted, would spell disaster for the nation’s health, and by extension, our national effort to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.

dateFeb 04, 2008 in HIV & AIDS
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