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Spying on Corn Rootworm Predators Nightlife

( -- Agricultural Research Service (ARS) entomologist Jonathan G. Lundgren, while exploring corn fields at night, has found a very different group of predators than the ones that feed during the ...

Oct 31, 2009
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Amnesia-Like Behavior Returns on Spirit

( -- Until Oct. 24, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover had gone more than six months without an episode of amnesia-like symptoms like those that appeared on four occasions earlier this year.

Oct 31, 2009
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Canada, Greenland accord to protect polar bears

Canada and Greenland agreed on a series of measures aimed at protecting shared populations of polar bears which roam between the Nunavut territory and the huge arctic island, officials said.

Oct 31, 2009
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Study finds stroke risk from anemia drug Aranesp

(AP) -- A new study raises fresh safety concerns about widely used anemia medicines, finding that the drug Aranesp nearly doubled the risk of stroke in people with diabetes and chronic kidney problems who are not yet sick ...

Oct 31, 2009
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