Archive: 10/31/2007

Opium and marijuana research go underground

The world’s leading expert on the opium poppy has joined forces with researchers working on another infamous drug-producing plant – cannabis – in hopes of finding new uses for the much-maligned sources of heroin and ...

Oct 31, 2007
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Study finds genes behind alcohol sensitivity in fruit flies

Some fruit flies can drink others under the table. Now, scientists at North Carolina State University have a few more genetic clues behind why some flies are more sensitive to alcohol than others. And the results might lead ...

Oct 31, 2007
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Using nanotech to make Robocops

Bulletproof jackets do not turn security guards, police officers and armed forces into Robocops, repelling the force of bullets in their stride. New research in carbon nanotechnology however could give those in the line ...

Oct 31, 2007
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