Archive: 10/31/2007

Planet hunters announce three new finds

The UK's leading team of planet-hunting astronomers, the Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP), today announced the discovery of three new planets. These extra-solar planets were seen to pass in front of, ...

Oct 31, 2007
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Intel Unveils Seven New Itanium Processors

Underscoring strong momentum and industry support, Intel Corporation today unveiled Dual-Core Intel Itanium Processor 9100 series processors. Built for managing high-end applications and armed with advanced features that ...

Oct 31, 2007
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MIT's 'electronic nose' could detect hazards

A tiny "electronic nose" that MIT researchers have engineered with a novel inkjet printing method could be used to detect hazards including carbon monoxide, harmful industrial solvents and explosives.

Oct 31, 2007
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Wildfire drives carbon levels in northern forests

Far removed from streams of gas-thirsty cars and pollution-belching factories lies another key player in global climate change. Circling the northern hemisphere, the conifer-dominated boreal forests - one of the largest ...

Oct 31, 2007
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Scientists discover new way to make water

In a familiar high-school chemistry demonstration, an instructor first uses electricity to split liquid water into its constituent gases, hydrogen and oxygen. Then, by combining the two gases and igniting them with a spark, ...

Oct 31, 2007
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