Archive: 31/08/2009

New Galapagos threat: Mosquitoes from afar

Seems like every week a species from somewhere else shows up in a new area and takes over, wreaking havoc. The latest hotspot: the Galapagos, where non-native mosquitoes are arriving via aircraft and tour boats.

dateAug 31, 2009 in Ecology
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No such thing as ethnic groups, genetically speaking

Central Asian ethnic groups are more defined by societal rules than ancestry. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Genetics found that overall there are more genetic differences within ethnic groups than between ...

dateAug 31, 2009 in Genetics
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Businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks

Most of us think cyber crooks cast their phishing lines mostly to try to hook everyday consumers. But some businesses across the country have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars vanish from their bank accounts after cyber ...

dateAug 31, 2009 in Internet
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