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Nano-Signals Get a Boost from Magnetic Spin Waves

Researchers have figured out how nanoscale microwave transmitters gain greater signal power than the sum of their parts—a finding that will help in the design of nano-oscillator arrays for possible use as transmitters and ...

Aug 31, 2006
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Study Solves Ocean Plant Mystery

A NASA-sponsored study shows that by using a new technique, scientists can determine what limits the growth of ocean algae, or phytoplankton, and how this affects Earth's climate.

Aug 31, 2006
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Epilepsy breakthrough on horizon

Researchers at MIT are developing a device that could detect and prevent epileptic seizures before they become debilitating.

Aug 31, 2006
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India State to Dump Windows for Linux

(AP) -- A southern Indian state plans to switch all school computers from Microsoft Windows to the free Linux operating system, an official said Thursday.

Aug 31, 2006
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Hubble Captures a Rare Eclipse on Uranus

This image is a never-before-seen astronomical alignment of a moon traversing the face of Uranus, and its accompanying shadow. The white dot near the center of Uranus’ blue-green disk is the icy moon Ariel. ...

Aug 31, 2006
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High-performance steel used in new bridge

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) today announced the completion of a new bridge in Lake Villa, Lake County, Ill., constructed with a groundbreaking type of high-performance steel developed by engineering researchers ...

Aug 31, 2006
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SMART-1 maps its own impact site

This mosaic of images, obtained by the Advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft, shows the SMART-1 landing site on the Moon.

Aug 31, 2006
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