Archive: 31/03/2009

Genetic basis for migration

Scientists studying Eastern North American monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) have uncovered a suite of genes that may be involved in driving the butterflies to migrate towards Mexico for the winter. Their research, published ...

dateMar 31, 2009 in Evolution
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NASA flies to Greenland to extend polar science

Imagine a piece of ice 1,000 miles long, 400 miles wide, and 2 miles thick in the center. That's the Greenland ice sheet. But that island-sized piece of ice is melting, so NASA researchers are flying to the Arctic this week ...

dateMar 31, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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Magnetic nano-'shepherds' organize cells

The power of magnetism may address a major problem facing bioengineers as they try to create new tissue -- getting human cells to not only form structures, but to stimulate the growth of blood vessels to nourish that growth.

dateMar 31, 2009 in Bio & Medicine
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