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Study questions 'cost of complexity' in evolution

Higher organisms do not have a “cost of complexity” — or slowdown in the evolution of complex traits — according to a report by researchers at Yale and Washington University in Nature.

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A new way to fight cancer: the silver shield

Fasting for two days protects healthy cells against chemotherapy, according to a study appearing online the week of Mar. 31 in PNAS Early Edition. Mice given a high dose of chemotherapy after fasting continued to thrive. The sa ...

dateMar 31, 2008 in Cancer
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Researchers study why high school boys dodge 'Phys Ed'

As obesity and inactivity among youth becomes a growing concern for North American families, new research based at The University of Western Ontario is asking why some high school boys are reluctant to participate in Grade ...

dateMar 31, 2008 in Health
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