Archive: 30/11/2007

Women with AIDS face cervical cancer threat

According to a report issued last week by UNAIDS, access to antiretroviral therapy is beginning to reduce AIDS mortality worldwide. But Dr. Groesbeck Parham, gynecologic oncologist and Director of the Cervical Cancer Prevention ...

dateNov 30, 2007 in HIV & AIDS
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Telemedicine: Health alert via satellite

An earthquake has just shaken the Greek island. Damage is widespread and all conventional, terrestrial communications have been destroyed. The rescue operations have only one means at their disposal that has not been affected ...

dateNov 30, 2007 in Space Exploration
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An X-Ray Santa Claus in Orion

Right in time for the festive season, ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has discovered a huge cloud of high-temperature gas resting in a spectacular nearby star-forming region, shaped somewhat like the silhouette of Santa ...

dateNov 30, 2007 in Astronomy
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