Archive: 07/30/2008

Rosella research could re-write 'ring theory'

New research has uncovered how different crimson rosella populations are related to each other – a discovery which has important implications for research into how climate change may affect Australia’s ...

Jul 30, 2008
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Diamonds show how Earth is recycled

( -- Tiny minerals found inside diamonds have provided us with a rare glimpse of the Earth’s deepest secrets. This exciting new research by a team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, ...

Jul 30, 2008
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New Yeast Trick for Eating Favorite Food

It is well known that yeast, the humble ingredient that goes into our breads and beers, prefer to eat some sugars more than others. Glucose, their favorite food, provides more energy than any other sugar, ...

Jul 30, 2008
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