Archive: 03/30/2005

The Lighter Side of Nanotechnology

Grey Goos, the first comic strip developed for the nanotechnology community, has been released by leading Nanotechnology portal NanoApex. The weekly cartoon, currently in its fourth episode, examines the lighter side of nanotechnology ...

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Laying the foundation for the next-generation Web

The Semantic Web lies at the heart of Tim Berners-Lee’s vision for the future of the Web, enabling a wide range of intelligent services. Thanks to the development of the infrastructure needed for the large-scale deployment ...

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Mathematicians promise animation revolution

CSIRO mathematicians are combining art and science to solve one of the last big challenges in animation – fluids. They are aiming to develop techniques for fluid animations that are so realistic audiences wil ...

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Who's afraid of Internet banking?

New research reveals attitudes to Internet banking vary according to gender and race. When it comes to banking by computer, men and women have different perceptions about what matters. And whether customers are Asian, Eur ...

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