Archive: 10/3/2005

Rally for less U.S.-centric Internet gains momentum

While U.S. dominance of the Internet is clear, and the use of English prevails in cyberspace, there is increasing pressure from both industrialized and developing nations alike to break up at least some of the world's sole ...

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Modeling the Sound of Music

If a musical instrument has never been built before, how can you know what it will sound like? That's the question UC Berkeley graduate student Cynthia Bruyns is answering with Vibration Lab, software she's designing to simulate ...

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Home-networking boom coming

New home developers -- and Silicon Valley technology companies -- are collaborating to bring consumers the "digital domicile," a completely connected home, where TVs, iPods and other appliances are all linked, finally taking ...

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Gravity Probe B Mission Completes Data Collection

Almost 90 years after Albert Einstein first postulated his general theory of relativity, scientists have finished collecting data to put it to a new, different kind of experimental test. NASA's Gravity Pro ...

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China SME tech purchases surging

A report by a government-run technology consultancy says IT spending by small and medium enterprises in China will top $28 billion dollars in five years.

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Your favourite TV programme anywhere

Good news for TV addicts. Soon they will have the possibility to watch their favourite TV programmes wherever they may be as a result of new chipsets for digital TV from a dynamic French electronics company.

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A space station view on giant lightning

Do giant flashes of lightning striking upwards from thunder clouds merely pose an extraordinarily spectacular view? Or do they actually alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere, playing a role in ozone ...

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Black Holes Aren't So Black

Common wisdom holds that we can never see a black hole because nothing can escape it - not even light. Fortunately, black holes aren't completely black. As gas is pulled into a black hole by its strong gravitational force, ...

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