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IBM, Intel Open BladeCenter Design Specifications

IBM, in collaboration with Intel Corporation, has made available the design specifications for the IBM eServer® BladeCenter(TM) platform. The specifications allow hardware vendors to more easily create BladeCenter-compatibl ...

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Tablet-Size Seismometer

Vladimir A. Kozlov and his colleagues from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have known about the recent earthquake in Turkey not only from the news program, but from their own data too. The seismic impulses ...

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Yellow Glasses To Save Vision

Blue light destroys certain structural elements in the eye, as was revealed by the Russian research team. The mechanism of this effect was studied, and protective measures were offered. Frankly, the results arising from the long ...

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High-Speed Catamaran Could Ease Road Congestion

A new high-speed cargo catamaran could significantly reduce the number of lorry journeys on European roads thanks to a grant of almost one million euros from the EU’s Framework Programme. PACSCAT (Partial Air Cushion Suppo ...

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Vulnerability of US power grid identified

Vulnerabilities inadvertently built into the U.S. power grid, which is one of the most complex systems ever constructed, have been identified by a research team lead by Reka Albert, assistant professor of physics at Penn ...

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The Sun's X-file under the Spotlight

One of the Sun's greatest mysteries is about to be unravelled by UK solar astrophysicists hosting a major international workshop at the University of St Andrews from September 6-9th 2004. For years scientists have been baffled ...

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