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SAP, Open Text Pen Reseller Agreement

SAP and Open Text have signed a reseller agreement that will deliver enterprise content management software, enabling businesses to have data archiving platforms provided by Open Text.

May 03, 2007
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Sun powered mobility

Solar powered mobility scooters could soon be on the streets thanks to the work of a student at The University of Nottingham. Matt Alvey, who is studying Architecture and Environmental Design, says the photovoltaic (solar ...

May 03, 2007
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Self Assembling Chips

In nature a phenomenon called "self assembly" is a delicate process that forms seashells, creates the enamel on teeth and transforms water into complex snowflakes. IBM Research has, for the first time ever, ...

May 03, 2007
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The sound of proteins

Biologists have converted protein sequences into classical music in an attempt to help vision-impaired scientists and boost the popularity of genomic biology. New research published today in the open access journal Genome Bi ...

May 03, 2007
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