Archive: 05/3/2006

Study: Vioxx poses even short-term risks

A Montreal study raises questions about even short-term use of the pain drug Vioxx and may harm Merck & Co.'s defense against 11,500 lawsuits, a report said.

May 03, 2006
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Some Animals Use Gas for Skeletal Support While Molting

If otherwise healthy humans temporarily lost their skeletons, they could neither protect themselves nor move around. Millions of small animals, however, do lose their skeletons one or more times a year in a risky process ...

May 03, 2006
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Blimp gets big screen

The Lightship Group, a subsidiary of American Blimp Corporation, unveiled its new A-170 Video Lightsign airship in hopes of rejuvenating the blimp industry.

May 03, 2006
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Scientist warns of nanotechnology dangers

A British scientist is warning that hundreds of nanotechnology products are about to go on sale despite a lack of biological safety testing.

May 03, 2006
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Birds halt some British home construction

Construction of homes across 300 square miles of land in southeast England has reportedly been halted in an effort to protect three rare species of birds.

May 03, 2006
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New satellite service for disaster teams

Global Relief Technologies, GeoEye and Telenor launched a joint venture to provide satellite imagery to disaster-relief teams in remote areas of the world.

May 03, 2006
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Communication study: Actions used with words speak even louder

Here’s your assignment: Explain how to wrap a package. It’s quite likely that you’ll use gestures to enhance — perhaps even to guide — your verbal instructions. Now try to teach this lesson in gift-wrapping while ...

May 03, 2006
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Bats Use Guided Missile Strategy to Capture Prey

When it comes to rocket science, it looks like bats had it worked out before the scientists did. A new University of Maryland study finds that echolocating bats use a strategy to track and catch erratically ...

May 03, 2006
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New lie detection technology worries Stanford ethicist

For many, the phrase "lie detection" probably brings to mind an image of a polygraph machine and an intimidating movie-style interrogation, possibly with a subject who could expertly "beat the polygraph." But ethicist and ...

May 03, 2006
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More evidence that ‘light’ smokes fool the smoker

A new survey confirms that many smokers are fooling themselves about the benefits of so-called light cigarettes. Research by Professor Janet Hoek from Massey University and Associate Professor Rachel Kennedy ...

May 03, 2006
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