Archive: 04/3/2005

Jogging with your favorite music

The day is approaching when joggers will be able to run in perfect sync with their favorite music. Siemens has developed software for music players that makes it possible to speed up or slow down the music ...

Apr 03, 2005
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Samsung Unveils an Upgraded Model of its Horizontal LCD Phone

Samsung Electronics, a leading company in mobile phones, announced recently that it has launched an upgraded version of its horizontal LCD phone, a new form-factor introduced by the company last year. The SCH-V600 ...

Apr 03, 2005
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Underground physics: Searching for neutrinos in deep places

A new physics experiment combines thousands of tons of steel plates, a powerful particle accelerator and 450 miles of solid rock to reveal the secrets of a particle that sometimes seems to barely exist. Researchers in ...

Apr 03, 2005
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