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Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor Draws on Mini Clock Design

A low-power, magnetic sensor about the size of a grain of rice that can detect magnetic field changes as small as 50 picoteslas - a million times weaker than the Earth's magnetic field - has been demonstrated ...

Dec 29, 2004
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Intel Boosts Investment In The Digital Home

Intel Corporation today announced that its venture investing organization, Intel Capital, has made three additional investments in companies developing innovative technologies for the digital home. The new investments, mad ...

Dec 29, 2004
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New discovery may unlock human genome

Goodman laboratory devises technique to explain patterns of gene regulation An Oregon Health & Science University-led development of a technique for identifying control elements that drive the expression of genes in brain cel ...

Dec 29, 2004
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Major advance made in transparent electronics

Researchers at Oregon State University and Hewlett Packard have reported their first example of an entirely new class of materials which could be used to make transparent transistors that are inexpensive, stable, and enviro ...

Dec 29, 2004
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SAMSUNG Begins Investment in LCD Line 7-2

Samsung Electronics, the leader in TFT-LCD technology, announced today that it would begin construction of a Line 7-2 at its fabrication facility in Tanjeong, Korea. Samsung will make a 290 billion won (US$273 million) inv ...

Dec 29, 2004
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Cassini Mission Status Report

NASA's Cassini spacecraft successfully performed a getaway maneuver on Monday, Dec. 27, to keep it from following the European Space Agency's Huygens probe into the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan. This maneuver established the required geometry between the probe a ...

Dec 29, 2004
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New SOI transistor developed beyond 65-nm technology nodes

20% increase in speed and 1/10 power reductions by employing back-bias control Hitachi, Ltd. announced that it has developed a new SOI (Silicon On Insulator)*1) transistor which dramatically improves speed and lowers power ...

Dec 29, 2004
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