Archive: 29/11/2007

New radar technology fights breast cancer

Treating breast cancer with a type of heat therapy derived from MIT radar research can significantly increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, according to results from the fourth clinical trial of the technique reported ...

dateNov 29, 2007 in Cancer
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Cryptic messages boost data security

The Swiss national elections in October 2007 provided the opportunity to witness quantum cryptography in ‘real-life’ action for the first time. Geneva was first in line to test the unbreakable data code developed by Swiss ...

dateNov 29, 2007 in Engineering
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Beetle dung helps forests recover from fire

Armed with a pair of tweezers and a handful of beetle droppings, University of Alberta forestry graduate Tyler Cobb has discovered why the bug-sized dung is so important to areas ravaged by fire.

dateNov 29, 2007 in
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Venus: Earth’s twin planet?

ESA’s Venus Express has revealed Venus as never before. For the first time, scientists are able to investigate from the top of its atmosphere, down nearly to the surface. They have shown it to be a planet of surprises that ...

dateNov 29, 2007 in Astronomy
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