Archive: 11/29/2006

Britain may restrict heart pump use

British researchers are urging the restricted use of an implantable pump designed to help heart failure patients while they wait for a transplant.

Nov 29, 2006
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Save the whales? Sure, but how many?

How many wildebeest should live in the Serengeti? How many grizzly bears should call Yellowstone home? Are there too few tigers in the world? Conservationist biologists grapple with the task of setting population targets ...

Nov 29, 2006
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Researchers Grow 7 mm Carbon Nanotube Array

Nanotechnology revolves around the creation of technology — films, materials, devices, applications and systems — on a scale of 1–100 nanometers. But what is a nanometer? A nanometer is one billionth ...

Nov 29, 2006
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New safety recommendations set for turkey cooking

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has updated poultry cooking recommendations this year, including the recommendation that the bird be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, said Lynn Paul, ...

Nov 29, 2006
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Spider man looks for answers in the forest

Dave Shorthouse admits he's obsessed with spiders, so it wasn't at all unusual for him to spend two years in the forests of the Peace River country, collecting and counting the critters for the good of the ...

Nov 29, 2006
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