Archive: 29/10/2007

Truss Work, Spacewalk Preps on Tap Today

The Space Shuttle Discovery and International Space Station crews are using the station and shuttle robotic arms to move the P6 truss segment and preparing for Tuesday’s spacewalk, the third of the mission. The crews will ...

dateOct 29, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Ancient Amphibians Left Full-Body Imprints

Unprecedented fossilized body imprints of amphibians have been discovered in 330 million-year-old rocks from Pennsylvania. The imprints show the unmistakably webbed feet and bodies of three previously unknown, foot-long salamander-like ...

dateOct 29, 2007 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Social standing influences elephant movement

When resources are scarce, who you know and where you're positioned on the social totem pole affects how far you'll go to search for food. At least that's the case with African elephants, according to a study led by ecologists ...

dateOct 29, 2007 in
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