Archive: 09/29/2008

Campus green spaces enhance quality of life

The next time you see students playing an energized game of touch football or studying in the sunshine on a college quadrangle, consider this: campus green spaces can help students feel better about life and improve learning.

Sep 29, 2008
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Doctors bone up on orthopaedics through wiki project

Web-based academic discussions could well be the way forward for cost-effective and tailored continuing education for health professionals. China's interactive wiki project for orthopaedic surgeons is an example ...

Sep 29, 2008
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Natural Viagra? 'Horny goat weed' shows promise in lab studies

Move over, Viagra! Researchers in Italy report that an ancient Chinese herbal remedy known as "horny goat weed" shows potential in lab studies as source for new future drugs to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). The study, ...

Sep 29, 2008
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Netgear Launches A New Family Of Wireless-N Routers

Netgear today has announced a new family of Wireless-N networking solutions that will make it easy for anyone to upgrade their wireless home network to Wireless-N technology. This new technology supports the ...

Sep 29, 2008 weblog
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Common insecticide can decimate tadpole populations

The latest findings of a University of Pittsburgh-based project to determine the environmental impact of routine pesticide use suggests that malathion—the most popular insecticide in the United States—can decimate tadpole ...

Sep 29, 2008
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