Archive: 07/29/2008

Summer heat too hot for you? What is comfortable?

Extreme heat or cold is not only uncomfortable, it can be deadly—causing proteins to unravel and malfunction. For many years now, scientists have understood the molecular mechanisms that enable animals to sense dangerous ...

Jul 29, 2008
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E. coli discovery could lead to new antibacterial target

Northeastern University scientists have discovered a new and unique DNA binding property of a protein in E. coli. Penny J. Beuning, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, spent the last two ...

Jul 29, 2008
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Scientists find quick method to make magnets

( -- Ultra-strong, high-temperature, high-performance permanent magnet compounds, such as Samarium Cobalt, are the mainstay materials for several industries that rely on high-performance motor ...

Jul 29, 2008
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Phoenix Mars Lander Working With Sticky Soil

( -- Scientists and engineers on NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission spent the weekend examining how the icy soil on Mars interacts with the scoop on the lander's robotic arm, while trying different techniques ...

Jul 29, 2008
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