Archive: 03/29/2006

Asian carp problem solution: Eat them?

Illinois State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-Moline, is reportedly proposing a simple solution to his state's Asian carp problem: eat them.

Mar 29, 2006
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Rube Goldberg contest set for this weekend

University students from around the nation will be at Purdue University this weekend for the 19th annual National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.

Mar 29, 2006
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Gulf of Mexico protection plan announced

Federal officials and representatives of five Gulf Coast states have unveiled a plan in Corpus Christi, Texas, to improve the Gulf's environmental health.

Mar 29, 2006
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Students Win Robotics Basketball Tournament

It may not be the final four, but it's definitely an exciting time for some Southern California high school students who won a regional game of robotics basketball. Now they're heading to the finals in the ...

Mar 29, 2006
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The Web: Arabic-language Internet

The Egyptian Tourist Authority this week launched a new Web site, but the domain name,, like all others in the Arab world, is in English, not Arabic. That may change in the coming years, however, experts ...

Mar 29, 2006
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Is 'super-broadband' worth it for business?

Telecommunications researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a system with the potential to deliver the fastest broadband and wireless access yet to businesses in the next five years.

Mar 29, 2006
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Report: Russian comm satellite fails

Failure of the Express AM11 communications satellite reportedly knocked out broadcasts to Russia's Far East region early Wednesday.

Mar 29, 2006
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California condors making a comeback

A pair of California condors has been discovered nesting in Northern California -- the first condor nesting reported there in more than 100 years.

Mar 29, 2006
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Report: Israelis report election spam

Israelis receive a lot of spam e-mail, but in the month leading up to Tuesday's general elections the amount spiked due to political messages.

Mar 29, 2006
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