Archive: 02/29/2008

ATLAS completes world's largest jigsaw puzzle

Today the ATLAS collaboration at CERN celebrates the lowering of its last large detector element. The ATLAS detector is the world’s largest general-purpose particle detector, measuring 46 metres long, 25 ...

Feb 29, 2008
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Standardized battery wants to appeal to all gadgets

All plug-in electronics use the same power cord, and all battery-operated devices use one of a few standard sizes. Even computer accessories mostly all have USB capabilities. So why not standardize rechargeable ...

Feb 29, 2008 weblog
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Plant growth experiment starts in Columbus

ESA astronaut Léopold Eyharts has activated the first experiment inside the European Columbus laboratory. The WAICO experiment, which investigates the effect of gravity on plant root growth, has started inside ...

Feb 29, 2008
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Steps towards warship invisibility

Naval warships might look like all-powerful vessels but they are also highly vulnerable to being spotted by the enemy. That fear of being detected has led the military to develop new stealth technologies that allow ships ...

Feb 29, 2008
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