Archive: 11/28/2005

SIIA warns of pirated software

The SIIA is alerting holiday shoppers to the dangers of pirated software. The Software & Information Industry Association warned consumers Monday to be on the lookout for pirated software this holiday season. The number of ...

Nov 28, 2005
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MIT sleuths discover quick way to new materials

In work that could radically change how engineers search for new materials, MIT researchers have developed a way to test the mechanical properties of almost 600 different materials in a matter of days - a task that would ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Near Earth Objects - what lies ahead?

Telescope facilities across the world are watching the skies for rocky remnants from outer space on a collision course with planet Earth. Currently one or two of these so called 'Near Earth Objects' [NEOs] ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Genealogy of scaly reptiles rewritten by new research

The most comprehensive analysis ever performed of the genetic relationships among all the major groups of snakes, lizards and other scaly reptiles has resulted in a radical reorganization of the family tree of these animals, ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Tech Style Goes Tactile

The laptop PC is finally ready for its close-up. Previously confined to a world of monotone grays and blacks, touchable laptop PCs are now poised to break into the fashion spotlight. Intel Corporation and ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Venus Express equipment test successful

A recent check of the VIRTIS imaging spectrometer during the Venus Express commissioning phase has allowed its first remote-sensing data to be acquired, using Earth and the Moon as a reference.

Nov 28, 2005
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AMBER looks into the cradle of planets

An international team of astronomers investigated a disk of gas and dust surrounding a young star, as well as the stellar winds which emanate from that star. The team found unique, previously unknown characteristics ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Mixed metals not so mixed up at the nano-level

With the help of the world's most brilliant hard X-ray beams at the Advanced Photon Source, scientists have seen for the first time metal atoms near the surface of a liquid alloy arrange themselves in alternating ...

Nov 28, 2005
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Morphome project researching proactive computing in homes

The research results of Research Director Frans Mäyrä's Morphome project confirm that test subject perceptions of computer technology are often critical or negative. The idea of computers playing a central role in the home ...

Nov 28, 2005
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World's first SOI MOSFET with crystalline Gd2O3

Researchers at AMICA have successfully fabricated the world's first MOSFETs on ultra-thin-body silicon-on-insulator (SOI) material with a crystalline gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) gate dielectric.

Nov 28, 2005
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Bionic fiction becomes science fact

A highly dexterous, bio-inspired artificial hand and sensory system that could provide patients with active feeling, is being developed by a European project.

Nov 28, 2005
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Security gets framed

Despite millions of dollars spent by IT companies, digital security still contains more holes than a Swiss cheese. One European project plans to plug those holes by creating a virtual security framework independent of both ...

Nov 28, 2005
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