Archive: 09/28/2005

Broadband usage up

Two out of every five Americans have broadband access at home, according to a report by Nielsen/NetRatings.

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Robots to shed light on sexual disease

It won’t be long before automated DNA test contribute to providing more knowledge about the up to now nearly unknown sexually transmitted mycoplasma – truly more widespread than chlamydia. Mycoplasma is a bacterial infection ...

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'Big baby' galaxy found in newborn Universe

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope have teamed up to 'weigh' the stars in distant galaxies. One of these galaxies is not only one of the most distant ever seen, but it appears to be unusually ...

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Mathematics Unites The Heavens And The Atom

In recent years, mathematicians have discovered an almost perfect parallel between the motion of spacecraft through the solar system and the motion of atoms in a chemical reaction - a hidden unity that has led to innovative ...

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Magnetic Microchips Replaces Electronic Semiconductor

The combined efforts of researchers from Durham University, Imperial College, London and the University of Sheffield have fructified. Till now the basic computer is usually made by using semiconductor electronics. The researchers ...

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Moscow, Seoul To Cooperate In Space Exploration

A bilateral agreement between Russia and South Korea was signed Tuesday authorizing the building of a space center in South Korea and the training of a Korean astronaut for a mission at the International Space Station, reports ...

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