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New paper sheds light on bonobo language

What happens when linguistic tools used to analyze human language are applied to a conversation between a language-competent bonobo and a human? The findings, published this month in the Journal of Integrative Psychological ...

dateAug 28, 2008 in
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The hunt for the Higgs steps up a gear

The hunt for the Higgs boson, the most highly sought-after particle in physics, received a boost this month with the release of two new results from the Tevatron particle collider at the US Department of Energy's Fermilab ...

dateAug 28, 2008 in General Physics
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What does your MP really believe?

( -- MPs tend to 'toe the party line' on parliamentary votes, but when it comes to expressing their private opinions, Dan Bailey and Guy Nason, statisticians from the University of Bristol, have looked at just ...

dateAug 28, 2008 in Other
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